[vdr] OT: Best DVI Video Card for Xine

jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com
Wed Feb 23 12:31:44 CET 2005

> >I have also ran 1080i with Linux, GeForce4 Ti 4800 SE and DVI. But 
> >overscan  on my projector was so large that I could not use computer 
> >via that so I  changed to native 1:1 pixel mapping (1366x768). I can 
> >re-check my setup  with 1080i and latest NVidia linux-driver.
> Please do!!!  What all people are getting with 6629, is an 
> offset between the 2 interlaced frames by 10 pixels or so. Like a vertical shadow.

I see that on 6629 I have the same problem. I am not sure on which driver version I tested, but I was under impression that it worked with a bad overscan.

> I am running VGA 1920x1080p to my projector instead, but I'm 
> pretty sure the Faroudja FLI2300 deinterlaces better than the HTPC.

I think Faroudja chips are not so good. At least my Philips LCD TV has such chip, and everytime text is scrolling Faroudja's autosensing goes wrong, and on scrolling text I get bad combing and also picture judders a couple of times when format changes. Luckily on my projector I can control deinterlacing by turning off "film" mode deinterlace (so just use video deinterlace), so video material from VDR always runs smoothly. My LCD doesn't allow this. I see that this is problem of my TV, but if Faroudja was good it would not do this.

HTPC also can read MPEG streams flags to aid deinterlacing/inverse telecine, and Faroudja's don't have that stuff because they are behind video line on TVs/projectors.

Best regards, Jori

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