[vdr] Building latest DVB driver on 2.6

John Grant john.grant at savcredit.co.uk
Thu Feb 24 11:09:42 CET 2005

I asked on the dvb list, but no one responded...

Anyway, when I upgraded to 1.3.X I built a new machine and used the 2.6 
kernel. After quite a few problems with the kernel drivers (like none of 
the DVB-t drivers being there) I settled on using the CVS driver and 
used the build-2.6/makefile.

I'm having problems with software RAID and am trying to move to a newer 
2.6, so I went and got the current (obviously) CVS driver and did the 
make, but there are no alps_tdlb7 or grundig_401 drivers there, no .o, 
no sources, nothing.

What am I missing, obviously I'm not the only alps_tdlb7 user out there!

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