[vdr] moved to a new house and switched from dvb-t to dvb-c

Teppo Jalava tjalava at welho.com
Fri Feb 25 11:19:45 CET 2005

Palko Jukka wrote:

>>I grabbed the channels.conf file mentioned here:
>>and now my problem is this:
>>Feb 25 07:35:01 [vdr] switching to channel 2
>>Feb 25 07:35:06 [vdr] ERROR: device 1 has no lock, can't attach receiver!
>>Feb 25 07:35:39 [vdr] switching to channel 3
>>Feb 25 07:35:44 [vdr] ERROR: device 1 has no lock, can't attach receiver!
>>Suggestions? Should I go for the 2.6.11 kernel rc's or try some other
>>combination of dvb driver versions?
> 2.6.11-rc4 didn't work any better at least. Still getting the 
> "ERROR: device 1 has no lock, can't attach receiver!"

I'm guessing that you have the same problem as I do here in Helsinki. I 
have TT 2300 OT (which used to be TT 1100) which should be the same card 
as Nexus-CA, at least they both use STV0297 demodulator. The drivers for 
the card won't tune to channels with QAM128, and even if you succeed to 
tune to one, the picture and sound are really distorted. Look at this 
thread in the dvb-drivers mailing list: 


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