[vdr] Problems with 20 Timers

Chris Warren dvb at ixalon.net
Fri Feb 25 18:27:08 CET 2005

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> Have you noticed that the show summaries (Recordings 
> descriptions) are wrong on recorded events when you use a 
> timer?  I am curious if this behavior has to do with what you 
> are describing.  The only way I can get the summaries to 
> display the correct information is if I record a minute 
> longer after the show ends. For example, lets say a show 
> starts at 1:00 and ends at 2:00. If you set a timer for 1:00 
> to 2:00, then in the schedule will show a little "t" next to 
> the show you have set to record.  But, if you set a timer for 
> 1:00 to 2:01, then the schedule shows a capital "T" next to 
> the show being recorded and two little "t"'s before and after 
> the scheduled show.  The first method will use the Summary of 
> the previously scheduled show and the second method seems to 
> use the correct information.
Yes, I get this too - it's because of the following line in
cTimer::Matches(time_t, bool) of timers.c:

     return startTime <= t && t < stopTime; // must stop *before* stopTime
to allow adjacent timers

If your end time is exactly the same as the end of the event, it will match
the start time, but not the end time. It'll only get marked as a partial


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