[vdr] Problems with 20 Timers

Chris Warren dvb at ixalon.net
Fri Feb 25 20:23:36 CET 2005

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> Come one, guys, you must be kidding!
> For a few dozen timers even the simplest data structure has 
> to perform extremely well, unless there is a bug.
> So I suggest keeping the data structure and fixing the bug 
> (which is propably exactly what Darren's patch does).
> Carsten.
The problem is not with the data-structure of the timers, it's with the data
structure used to store epg events in a schedule (of which I have over
70,000 for around 100 channels.)

Having to serially scan the whole list of events for a channel to find an
event is not good. My quick and dirty testing shows using a tree speeds this
up by over 80 times on my data.

For timers, yes - just keeping them in a linked list is fine as we're only
talking about small amounts of data.


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