[vdr] Problem cutting recording.

HGM.bg (GMX) vdr.hgm.bg at gmx.net
Sat Feb 26 13:58:10 CET 2005

Josef Wolf wrote:

> I have problems to cut Stephen Kings "Thinner" that was broadcasted
> yesterday on pro7. 
> I have set cut-marks as usual.  But when I start cutting, it stops
> immediately.  Cutting other recordings still works as usual.  I
> attached what I got in syslog at the end of the mail.  Any ideas what
> is going wrong here and how I can fix it?   

Please check, if you have two cutting-marks at the beginning with less
than a second in between. Just edit marks.vdr if it so, if then delete
the first two marks and everything shuold work.

Just my 2 Cents.


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