[vdr] hardware recommendations?

Carsten Koch Carsten.Koch at icem.com
Sat Feb 26 15:05:48 CET 2005

Craig Sanders wrote:
> the main things i'm not sure about are:
>  - what CPU to get?  
>    i'm tempted by an athlon 64, but then i'd have to start mirroring
>    the a64 distribution of debian as well as the i386, and i'm
>    generally not keen to pay a price premium to be a guinea-pig for new
>    hardware....a64 and a64 motherboard designs probably won't be mature
>    for another year or so.
>    other alternatives P4 or and Athlon, with the athlon being slightly
>    cheaper.

VDR works happily with a 150MHz CPU if you have a full-featured card
or with under 1 GHz if you don't.
At least here in Germany the best price per GHz according to
is an AMD Duron 1800Mhz, which should be more than adequate.

The only function you can always speed up with a faster CPU is
re/encoding for DVD burning, but unless you do that several times
a day, I would not spend extra money for a few minutes less wait time.

>  - what video card to get?
>    i have a matrox G450 in my desktop - is that adequate?  i'm thinking
>    of upgrading my desktop video card anyway, which will leave the matrox
>    spare.  actually, i'm sure it's adequate - the real question is, "is
>    it a *good* card for a dedicated VDR box?"

Matrox cards are know to produce the best signal quality.
So, get an Nvidia card with DVI output and a flat panel for
your desktop (then signal quality will not matter) and use
the Matrox for your VDR system.


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