[vdr] Problem cutting recording.

HGM.bg (GMX) vdr.hgm.bg at gmx.net
Sat Feb 26 16:22:54 CET 2005

Josef Wolf wrote:

>>> I have problems to cut Stephen Kings "Thinner" that was broadcasted
>>> yesterday on pro7. 
>> Please check, if you have two cutting-marks at the beginning with
>> less than a second in between. Just edit marks.vdr if it so, if then
>> delete the first two marks and everything shuold work.
> This helps, thanks!

Good to know :)

> But strange thing is that when I remove those marks with the remote
> control, they re-appear again as soon as I start the cutting process.
> Only removing them with an editor helps.  I suppose this is not how
> it was intended?  

My expierence is that you can't remove them via vdr because they so
close together (usually set by noad). It doesn't happen very often but
sometimes, so vi is your friend :)


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