[vdr] hardware recommendations?

Tony Houghton h at realh.co.uk
Sat Feb 26 17:13:16 CET 2005

In <4220823C.3090609 at icem.com>, Carsten Koch wrote:

> Craig Sanders wrote:
> ...
> >the main things i'm not sure about are:
> >
> > - what CPU to get?  
> >
> >   i'm tempted by an athlon 64, but then i'd have to start mirroring
> >   the a64 distribution of debian as well as the i386, and i'm
> >   generally not keen to pay a price premium to be a guinea-pig for new
> >   hardware....a64 and a64 motherboard designs probably won't be mature
> >   for another year or so.
> >
> >   other alternatives P4 or and Athlon, with the athlon being slightly
> >   cheaper.
> VDR works happily with a 150MHz CPU if you have a full-featured card
> or with under 1 GHz if you don't.

But IME you need over 1.5GHz for a deinterlacing filter if you're using
software decoding. My 1.2GHz Celeron can't cope, but a Duron 1800 can
(with MPlayer's kerndeint; I haven't tried xine, which has a reputation
for higher CPU load than MPlayer). This isn't necessary with hardware
MPEG decoders, or with a Matrox's TV-out, but softdevice has a few
problems with the latter eg loss of A/V sync when playing back
recordings (may be OK with a decent soundcard whose clock closely
matches the graphics card's), and not being able to use the mp3/mplayer

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