[vdr] OT: Best DVI Video Card for Xine

jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com
Mon Feb 28 09:57:10 CET 2005

> > I think Faroudja chips are not so good. At least my Philips 
> LCD TV has 
> > such chip, and everytime text is scrolling Faroudja's 
> autosensing goes
> This autosensing is not done by the FLI2300, but by Philips circuitry.

Like I already said it can be problem of TV. And to be clear, FLI can
be the best deinterlacer hardware for PAL material, but on my environment
it has its limitations, and I see that on scrolling news tickers, and it 
annoys a bit. 

But I am wondering, what chip then in TV's make the decision what type
of deinterlacer is needed? Most logical place IMO would be deinterlacer
chip, because it makes the conversion also. ADC's just dump fields to RAM.
Thats why I wrote that Philips should have menu option or similar to make
Faroudja to do just PAL deinterlacing with 50Hz.
> Normally, the FLI2300 are thought of as the best deinterlacer 
> for stuff like sports etc (video mateial) (vs SI).
> > doesn't allow this. I see that this is problem of my TV, but if 
> > Faroudja was good it would not do this.
> So, what scaler/deinterlacer do you have on your proj? 

I think it is Pixelworks. But it is projectors backend system feature to
control deinterlacer/scaler. It has 3 options, none, video and film.
Film is autosense for 24/50 material, video is just 50.

> > HTPC also can read MPEG streams flags to aid deinterlacing/inverse 
> > telecine, and Faroudja's don't have that stuff because they 
> are behind 
> > video line on TVs/projectors.
> This is true, but as long as we do not have CPU´s powerful 
> enougth, hardware solutions will be better. 

I tend to use Nvidia's purevideo, which is a bit of both. I hope someday
also Linux support is introduced. So vdr-xine a lot of CPU is needed.
With Purevideo support all nice features are available on 20% CPU time
on 3GHz HT-processor. Just quick meaningless conversion is 100%/2 CPU
(how windows sees, as real HT is ~1.3 CPU's) = 50%=1 CPU on 3GHz => 20%
on 50% => 1.2GHz processor roughly is needed.

> Also, a big 
> problem is that HTPC´s cannot change their refreshrate to the 
> framrate. Which means bad picture quality, unless "burning" 
> video bandwith by going over 85Hz refresh (or prefferebly 
> higher), but who wants that?

Well I adapt my framerates based on content. Because if I see the effort
to view my stuff in HD, I can change X & Windows framerates also with
much less effort.. :-)

I think automatic refresh-rate adaptation is just video players feature.
If modelines are already on X-config file, and tv/projector/monitor has
picture optimized for output rate, I cannot see why for example Xine 
could not automatically change the rate based on input content.

Best regards, Jori

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