[vdr] hardware recommendations?

Tony Houghton h at realh.co.uk
Mon Feb 28 13:42:35 CET 2005

In <20050227230948.GA7634 at taz.net.au>, Craig Sanders wrote:

> i've got a philips 201P 21" CRT - excellent monitor, i have no intention of
> replacing it with an LCD (quality tends to be crap unless you spend a fortune,
> with fuzzy unreadable text, and they give me headaches.  i'd rather have a 15"
> CRT than a 19" LCD).
> maybe in a few years LCD monitors will be good enough to consider as a
> replacement.....i certainly like the minimal physical space that they take up.

What on earth sort of LCD have you been looking at? Even my Dabs "Value"
LCD (made by Mitac) from several years ago has crisper text than any CRT
I've seen. The one I tried before that did seem to make my eyes water a
bit though, so I didn't keep it, and the Dabs one I bought about a year
later was half the price :-). Later I got a Sony DVI one to go with it,
which is visibly superior to the Dabs, which I had been quite impressed
with so far. If you tend to work with more than one window at a time, a
pair of small displays is better than one large one.

If you saw one with fuzzy text it could have had its pitch setting
wrong. Easily corrected.

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