[vdr] [PATCH] dxr3 for vdr-1.3.22

Stephan Skrodzki skrodzki_list at stevekist.de
Mon Feb 28 21:20:06 CET 2005

>>>>> On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, "Laz" == Laz wrote:

  +> > I don't usually use the editing function but I just tested it and it
  +> > seems to work fine.

  +> I have mixed experience with that.  Usually it works fine, but sometimes
  +> the still picture won't update while jumping between marks or moving them.
  +> It seems to happen on all marks in a recording or none of them.

  Laz> I think I've always had that with a dxr3, whichever version of vdr
  Laz> I've been using! I'm now using vdrsync-gui to edit my recordings! Much
  Laz> simpler...

Kewl, three people, three results. Its like beeing in a Hospital ;-)

Due to the lack of DD support with dxr3 and vdr > 1.3.18, I am still on 1.3.12 
and everything works fine except the dvd plugin. And it seems, that jumping 
between marks fails, when there are multiple sound channels recorded...


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