[vdr] Debian Sarge: /usr/include, vdr kompiliert nicht mehr

Frederick Page fpage at thebetteros.oche.de
Fri Jul 1 05:13:02 CEST 2005

Hi Walter,

Walter Koch wrote on Thu, Jun 30 2005:

>>  I got many messages as these:
>>  config.o(.text+0x3798):/usr/include/stdlib.h:302: undefined reference
>>                         to `__throw'

>(Translator's note:
>    i can compile it without a flaw (Sarge, 1.3.22 and 1.3.27)

So can I now, if I had not been THAT darn stupid. Please look above:
config.o (an object!) gave the errors. Considering that I upgraded
from Woody to Sarge (meaning libc6 and gcc), it's not a big surprise
that I could not compile with the old (stale!) objects.

A simple "make clean" did the trick. I am truly sorry about this
stupid question of mine, of course everything works fine.

Best regards   Frederick

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