[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-epgsearch-0.9.5

cwieninger at gmx.de cwieninger at gmx.de
Sat Jul 2 09:02:00 CEST 2005


here's a new release of the epgsearch plugin.

You can find it here:


wget: http://people.freenet.de/cwieninger/vdr-epgsearch-0.9.5.tgz

What's new?

2005-07-02: Version 0.9.5
- epgsearch has now its own menu for standard timer editing with the
  following extensions (timer programming is based on SVDRP, so this should
  be configured!, Screenshot of changes: 
   * additional item 'directory' with selection of existing
     directories with key 'blue' (also supports EPG
     variables like "%category%" when using ext. EPG info)   
   * item 'file' can be extended with subtitle (if present) pressing
     key 'blue'
   * item 'file' and 'directory' can be reset to standard pressing key
   * when editing weekdays then item 'day' can be customized with a submenu
     for arbitrary weekdays selection
- menu 'userdefined days of week' for search timers now starts with
  'Monday' instead of 'Sunday'
- menu 'Select directory' now lists distinct items of the following sources:
   * current recording directories
   * current timer directories
   * directories used in search timers
   * directories specified in epgsearchdirs.conf
  key 'yellow' can be used to change the depth of the directory listing.
- Progressbar in 'Next' can now be switched on/off with its own setup item.
- support for language dependent commands for EPG (default loading
  uses epgsearchcmds.conf, if there is no epgsearchcmds-XXX.conf,
  where XXX is the language code as shown in i18n.c, see MANUAL)
- directly calling a command with key '1'..'9' will now go back to the
  calling menu after execution instead of displaying menu 'commands'
- added a commandline option '-c' or '--config' to specify the plugins
  own config directory (option).
- added commandline help for 'vdr --help
- thanks again to Mike Constabel (vejoun at vdrportal) for great beta
  testing and suggestions, and to Rolf Ahrenberg for finnish translation.

What is it about?

EPG-Search can be used as a replacement for the default schedules
menu entry. It looks like the standard schedules menu, but adds some
additional functions:

- Commands for EPG entries with 5 built-in commands like 'show repeats',
  'create search'. One can add own commands for other needs, like adding a
  VDRAdmin auto-timer.

- Add up to 4 user-defined times to 'now' and 'next'

- Searching the EPG: Create reusable queries, which can also be used
  as 'search timers'.

- Search timers: Search for broadcasts in the background and add a
  timer if one matches (similar to VDRAdmin's auto-timers) or simply
  make an annoucement about it via OSD

- Progress bar in 'What's on now' and 'What's on next'

- Shift the time displayed by keypress, e.g. 'What's on now' + 30 minutes

- Start menu can be setup between 'Schedule' or 'What's on now'

- background check for timer conflicts (requires a recent timeline plugin)

- detailed epg menu (summary) allows jumping to the next/previous

- support for extended EPG info for search timers

Works only for vdr-1.3.x (x>=7). Tested on 1.3.10 to 1.3.24.
Parts of the sources are based on the repeating-EPG patch 
from Gerhard Steiner, who gave me the permission to use them 
(thanks for his work!).

Best regards,

Christian Wieninger

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