[vdr] mplayer.sh and AID 0

C.Y.M syphir at syphir.sytes.net
Sat Jul 2 17:49:01 CEST 2005

C.Y.M wrote:
> Stefan Huelswitt wrote:
>>diff -urN -X mp3-unstable/.exclude mp3-0.9.12/mplayer.c mp3-unstable/mplayer.c
>>--- mp3-0.9.12/mplayer.c	2005-02-21 18:30:01.000000000 +0100
>>+++ mp3-unstable/mplayer.c	2005-07-01 19:26:51.000000000 +0200
>>@@ -458,20 +458,15 @@
> Thanks for the new patch.  Unfortunately, this does not seem to change anything.
> 1) AID 0 not returned to mplayer.sh when specified as default.  Note: APID > 0
> returns properly.
> 2) Mplayer prefers to default to APID 1 over APID 0 (probably a mplayer problem,
> not a mplayer plugin problem).
> 3) Mplayer is unable to switch between apids on the fly if mplayer is started
> out on a non-existing apid.
> In order to make use of the configurable default apid, changes will need to be
> made to mplayer.sh to understand what "$AID" is.

If we keep the default AID at 0, then something like this would always apply,
wouldn't it (see below)? If there were more audio tracks, then they could be
selected with the "2" button. When attempting to play an AVI without this
change, Mplayer would first try to select AID 0 (because thats the default), and
then we could not use the "2" button to select AID 1 (reference to bug #3 above).


    if test $VIDEO_FORMAT == "DIV3" -o $VIDEO_FORMAT == "XVID"; then
      echolog "*** INFO: AVI file format detected. Setting default AID to 1"



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