[vdr] vdr-xine FF & RW stall

Joerg Riechardt J.Riechardt at gmx.de
Sat Jul 2 23:21:46 CEST 2005

Reinhard Nissl wrote:

> Hi,
> Joerg Riechardt wrote:
>>>> When I use FF (fast forward 1-3x) when playing a recording, VDR stalls.
>>>> Sometimes, after several minutes, it will recover.  Most of the time 
>>>> I'm
>>>> just left with a frozen frame.
>>>> The 60-second skip forward or back works fine.
>>>> Any ideas how to diagnose this problem?
>>> No tips from me, but using vdr-1.3.20 and vdr-xine 7.3, i have given
>>> up trying to FF & RR acuratly.  I now just use 60 second skip.  But I
>>> would *love* to be able to edit my recordings..  I've never been able
>>> to FF/RR as this is my first install..
>> vdr-xine-0.7.2 is the last version, where FF/RR works
>> since 0.7.3 it's broken
> Well, there's changed quite a lot in 0.7.3. Just to make things clear:
>     FF = fast forward
>     SF = slow forward
>     FR = fast reverse (rewind)
>     SR = slow reverse (rewind)
> FF, FR and SR as well as moving cutting marks just play I-frames and 
> there is a problem in VDR that sends incomplete I-frames to the devices. 
> Especially when xine reports bad_frame on its controlling terminal then 
> it is likely that the "bug" triggered.
>     http://home.vr-web.de/~rnissl/vdr-1.3.24-dvbplayer.patch
> addresses this issue. A proper solution will be supplied by 
> cVideoRepacker but it seems to trigger other problems so it is disabled 
> in recent VDR versions. The above patch will then still be necessary to 
> edit old recordings properly which have been recorded without 
> cVideoRepacker.
> A known issue is that switching from pause or play to any of the above 
> mentioned speeds will cause a delay of several seconds before playback 
> at the new speed gets active. This issue is most noticeable on less 
> powerful machines like my EPIA MII-6000E which has just a 600 MHz CPU, 
> while it is not that much noticeable on my development PC which has a 
> Pentium 4 HT processor which runs at 2.8 GHz.
> To let me address your issue properly, would you please explain whether 
> one of the above issues is what you experience or if it is a new issue.
> Bye.

The delay (quite long on my Celeron 1300) is from play to FF or FR.
I have the vdr-1.3.24-dvbplayer.patch applied.
So it's the known issue.
Since FF and FR is essential for me, I stayed with 0.7.2.


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