[vdr] vdr with nexus-s rev 2.1 crashes with ttxtsubs and osdteletext when zapping

Magnus Andersson maan at svankan2.mine.nu
Mon Jul 4 12:55:06 CEST 2005

> Magnus Andersson wrote:
>> Thank you for the answer Udo but I do not understand a stacktrace.
>> I did not manage to get it crash with only osdteletext but it changed
>> channel to the first one ten times in a row. After I used ttxtsub it
>> crashed the first time.
> What VDR version did you use? Still the 1.3.18-27 you've mentioned?
> This sounds like some distri with LOTS of patches. And this:
>> #9  0x080d2f25 in ~cRemux (this=0x83962d0) at remux.c:868
> ... the original remux.c of 1.3.18 had only 641 lines...

Sorry I should have written 1.3.18 to 1.3.27 instead. There is a few patches
applied to vdr and I reinstalled vdr with a minimum of patches that I need.

subtitles-3.7-ttxtsub-0.0.5.diff ( changes remux.c )

> To really understand the trace, we need the exact source code.
> If possible, try to update to a newer VDR version, as there were massive
> changes especially in remux.c where the crash seems to come from.
> @All:
>> #7  0xb7d0f8bf in free () from /lib/libc.so.6
>> #8  0x080d1dd8 in ~cTS2PES (this=0x3a1a) at remux.c:488
>> #9  0x080d2f25 in ~cRemux (this=0x83962d0) at remux.c:868
> this=0x3a1a looks rather short for a dynamic pointer, or? Maybe some
> pointer got corrupted in cRemux?

I think I found the problem but no solution. If I move my subscription
card (DVB-S) from the cardserver and use it on localhost with a cardreader
the problem is gone. The problem seems to be cardclient implemetation with
sc plugin. Strange that it works with vdr-xine plugin. No problem with FF
card without osdteletext and ttxtsubs. Most of the time it changes to an
FTA channel and in that case I will not recieve a core dump. I am not an
gdb expert and I don't know how to debug when it stays alive. When vdr is
using encrypted channel on dvb-s and a scheduled recording on dvb-t starts
it changes to first channle (FTA) and no recording is beeing made.

Thank you for your help Udo!

> Cheers,
> Udo
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