[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdradmin-0.97-am3.2

Reiner Buehl reiner at buehl.net
Mon Jul 4 14:34:53 CEST 2005

> What do they put into /etc/vdr and what in /var/lib/vdr? The vanilla vdr 
> only has one config folder AFAIK.
> OTOH I don't see why a wrong configured vdr config folder should give that 
> error message.

Here is how it is in ctvdr:

bilbo:~# ls /etc/vdr /var/lib/vdr
ca.conf        keymacros.conf   shutdown-hooks   tvmovie2vdr
command-hooks  plugins          sources.conf     vdrconvert
diseqc.conf    recording-hooks  svdrphosts.conf

ca.conf              diseqc.conf     remote.KBD.conf           svdrphosts.conf
channels.conf        keymacros.conf  remote.LIRC.conf          timers.conf
channels.conf.cable  logos           remote.remote-event.conf  
channels.conf.sat    plugins         schemes
channels.conf.terr   reccmds.conf    setup.conf
commands.conf        remote.conf     sources.conf

ca.conf, diseqc.conf, keymacros.conf, sources.conf, reccmds.conf and
svdrphosts.conf in /var/lib/vdr are links to /etc/vdr.

I was under the impression that vdradmin was asking for the directory
that the main configuration files like timers.conf and setup.conf
are in but it deems that another file is needed and /etc/vdr is the 
correct location.

> I don't think that's needed. If a distribution modifies VDR it should also 
> modify depending tools.

I think they normaly do so but since vdradmin is (until now) not
using the old config as a starting point, this might have happened.
MfG Reiner.

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