[vdr] vdr-xine FF & RW stall

Simon Baxter linuxtv at nzbaxters.com
Wed Jul 6 13:07:02 CEST 2005

>> It's not just you Mick.  I too have the same results - I can now FF and 
>> REW ok with vdr-1.3.27 and vdr-xine-0.7.4, but moving between marks 
>> doesn't work properly.
>> I can't skip between marks properly, and when I try to move the marks (6 
>> and 4) it doesn't scan the clip.  Did you find this too?
> Hhm, due to development of cVideoRepacker I'm still stuck with vdr-1.3.25. 
> Would you please try 1.3.25 and report your results?
> Can you supply me a link to a small recording (5 ~ 10 MB) which shows this 
> issue?

Will do some test recordings tonight

> Was this recording taken prior to VDR-1.3.26, i. e. without 
> cVideoRepacker?
> Did you enable cVideoRepacker in VDR-1.3.27?

cVideoRepacker is in remux.c from vdr-1.3.26 no?
Originally, the recording was done pre-cVideoRepacker on version 1.3.23 and 
played under 1.3.27.

> cVideoRepacker will finally make my patch only necessary to edit old 
> recordings, but the patch should not be harmful to any recordings taken 
> with cVideoRepacker enabled (= my current setup).

I've not applied any patches - just used the stock vdr-1.3.27

> At the moment, the patch is still necessary for recordings taken with 
> cVideoRepacker as VDR lacks adding the end of sequence marker to still 
> images. As a result you wouldn't see the image changing while moving 
> cutting marks. This will be addressed in VDR-1.3.28, as time permits.

Great, thanks.


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