[vdr] VDR in other rooms

Andreas Breitenbach lists at Breitenbach-sc.de
Fri Jul 8 16:16:37 CEST 2005

Brian wrote:

>> What minimal hardware is needed to make a vdr client for only play and
>> live tv, not recording?
> I use a CGV Modulator, the cable TV goes through that, and VDR's output
> is modulated by that box onto a UHF channel, which can then be received
> by all TVs in the house over the same coax cable.
Anonther easy way is using an old videorecorder as UHV modulator.

   VDR --VideoSig---- OldVCR --VideoSig---- TV
                       *** UHV-Sig ******* Coax

This has the advantage, that you can get the good videosignal directly in to
your VDR neighbour TV and the UHV to all others, but works only if your old VCR
has an extra video/audio input, e.g. on the front for a video camera.
Switch old VCR to AUX.


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