[vdr] Featurerequest mplayer-plugin

Carsten Presser cpresser at fsing.uni-sb.de
Fri Jul 8 19:14:52 CEST 2005

I read the 'mplayer.sh an AID 0' thread, about possible changes in 
slave-mode handling (about dropping dvd-menu support).
So I am wondering if it's possible to include (instead of this 
dvd-stuff) commands to adjust audio- and subtitle-delay.

See: http://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/tech/slave.txt
usefull (at least for me) commands would be:
* sub_delay <value> [<abs>]
* sub_select [<value>]
* sub_pos <value>
* audio_delay <value>
* sub_visibility

perhaps you could use the this mapping
1: sub_delay -100
2: sub_visibility
3: sub_delay +100
4: sub_pos -1
5: sub_select
6: sub_pos +1
7: audio_delay -100
8: switch_audio
9: audio_delay +100

btw: the documentation says: 'switch_audio [<value>] (MPEG and Matroska 
only)'. is this outdated since mplayer can now handle switching audio 
streams in avi-files?

Thanks in advance,

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