[vdr] VDR sc plugin. How to?????

metgorna metgorna at metgorna.com
Sat Jul 9 16:44:42 CEST 2005

I have installed VDR with sc plugin accordingly with vdr-softcam how to for 
gentoo system.
But It doesn't work...
Anyone cuold help me???
I whant to watch MULTIVISION on Hotbird-13.0. My SoftCam.key works fine with 
ProgDVB and S2emu-Fenrir in Winzozz.
I have cottected CA in setup.conf to 500 65.
These are Multivision lines in my channels.conf

I have no idea on how to make this work.....................
I think sc plugin loads fine...this is the output.

gentoo simone # vdr -P"xine -r" -Psc
plainkeys: registering key type V (super)
loaders: registering loader Viaccess
systems: registering CA system Viaccess, pri -10
plainkeys: registering key type Z
systems: registering CA system @SHL, pri -10
plainkeys: registering key type S (super)
loaders: registering loader Seca
systems: registering CA system Seca, pri -10
plainkeys: registering key type N (super)
systems: registering CA system Nagra, pri -10
plainkeys: registering key type I
loaders: registering loader Irdeto
systems: registering CA system Irdeto, pri -10
plainkeys: registering key type X (super)
systems: registering CA system ConstCW, pri -20
plainkeys: registering key type C (super)
systems: registering CA system Conax, pri -10
loaders: registering loader ECM
loaders: registering loader KEY
plainkeys: loaded 546 keys from /etc/vdr/plugins/SoftCam.Key
cardinfo: loaded 1 Irdeto cards from /etc/vdr/plugins/Ird-Beta.KID
cardinfo: loaded 0 Seca cards from /etc/vdr/plugins/Seca.KID
cardinfo: loaded 0 Viaccess cards from /etc/vdr/plugins/Viaccess.KID
softcam: ScCaps are 500 65 0 0 0 0 0
SetVideoFormat: 0
SetVolumeDevice: 100
SetPlayMode: 1
[vVMSetDigitalAudioDevice: 0

Dio mi ha fatto imperfetto e mortale.  Permettete che sia almeno un po'

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