[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] Enigma-0.3a

C.Y.M syphir at syphir.sytes.net
Sat Jul 9 17:38:46 CEST 2005

> This is a text2skin-feature. ;-)
> It searches for the fonts in /etc/vdr/plugins/text2skin/fonts first and
> in the Skin-directory afterwards. As the fonts are in the latter
> text2skin logs an error. To avoid this, the only way is to put the fonts
> in the /etc/vdr/plugins/text2skin/fonts-directory.

Thanks, got it. :)

>> Secondly, I was curious about a feature request.  Would it be possible
>> to view
>> the number of the channels as the are being entered, like vdr's
>> default skins do?
> What do you mean with that?

Well, with a default vdr skin (ie; sttng), as soon as I press a number on the
remote, it shows up on the OSD.  For example, if the channel I want to switch to
is "127", then as soon as I press "1", it shows up in the OSD.  But, this is an
issue with all text2skin skins. The complete channel number shows up after all
of the numbers have all been entered and vdr switches to the channel.  Text2skin
doesn't show the numbers of the channel on the OSD as they are being pressed.

Best Regards,

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