[vdr] WSS data in vdr-xine

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Mon Jul 11 23:33:58 CEST 2005


mike lewis wrote:

> 1. Some channels display white dots at the top and bottom of
>     the screen due to WSS data encoded in the picture.
>     This problem has been mentioned on vdr, linux-dvb and
>     dxr3 mailinglists a few times. I added two new items in
>     the softdevice menu that allow to cut off a number of lines
>     from top and bottom of the picture. It is implemented now
>     only for -vo vidix and dfb with i420/YV12 format and hardware
>     alpha blending.
> ...
> I always wondered what this was on my DVB streams.  Is there something
> similar in vdr-xine?

Well, in the case of vdr-xine, it's xine related, as xine has to deal 
with decoding the images. xine has the possibilty to do something like 
that (my patched expand post plugin makes use of it).

Just create a post video plugin that modifies crop_top / crop_bottom of 
each frame.

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