[vdr] MP3 plugin with NPTL

Lars von Wedel vonwedel at web.de
Tue Jul 12 13:48:14 CEST 2005


>>Is anyone using the MP3 plugin while running VDR with NPTL?
>>It kind of "works", as in "starts playing", but there's a huge delay
>>before any remote controller key presses affect anything.  No such
>>problems when running with LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1 here.
I briefly tried this and can confirm. In my case, playback starts 
immediately, but the plugin makes VDR crash after half a song or so.

>I wish I could assist you with debugging, but I'm not running any
>NTPL system. This may change in a few months.
Stefan, IIRC one of the lock types you use in the playback code is not 
used in VDR itself. Maybe there is an error regarding NPT compatibility 
here which does not appear in VDR itself. Maybe I can find some time to 
track this down further.


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