[vdr] Bug report (vdr 1.3.27 + patches + plugins)

Pasi Juppo pasi.juppo at iki.fi
Fri Jul 15 17:38:28 CEST 2005


Here are few bugs that I have found so far from vdr 1.3.27 with patches:

and plugins (and patches when needed):
-vdr-osdteletext-0.5 + vdr-osdteletext-0.5-finnish.diff patch
-vdr-text2skin-1.1 (cvs)
-vdr-ttxtsubs-0.0.5 + vdr-ttxtsubs-0.0.5-premium-edition.diff patch
-vdr-tvonscreen-0.7.0 + vdr-tvonscreen-0.7.0-1.3.diff patch
-vdr-timeline-0.9.0 + vdr-1.3.25-timeline-0.9.0.diff patch

DVB drivers are from kernel DVB-C card is Technotrend's FF 
card (v1.5 iirc).

NTPL is disabled (export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1).


#1 VDR: Delayed live TV broadcast showing
Steps to how to reveal this:
1. Replay a recording
2. Stop replaying (shows live TV broadcast almost immediately)
3. Resume replay (press play)
4. Stop replaying
5. Resume replaying
6. Stop replaying => live TV shows after around 8s

#2 VDR+ttxtsubs: Subtitles are shown from TV channel when replaying 
1. Create a timer for a channel with teletext subs
2. Replay recording (while playing timer needs to start recording)
	=> subtitles are shown from the recorded TV movie while watching
	   a recording without subtitles (at least teletext subs)
Cure: stop replaying and resume replay

#3 VDR+mplayer: No sound
1. View encrypted channel
2. Play video with MPlayer
3. Stop playing
	=> No sound from live TV broadcast (may not happen always)
Cure: change channel back and forth

#4 VDR: Green button does not work without menu
-When watching TV broadcast it is not possible to view or change the 
audio channels without going first to menu

This is propably caused by the subtitles and ttxtsubs patch for VDR. 
However, this patch is needed to get subtitles work i.e. VDR needs to be 

#5 VDR+femon: AC3 sound info flickers on and off
1. View channel with AC3 sound (e.g. Canal+ Film2)
2. Start femon and view AC3 sound info
	=> AC3 information is shown only very brief moment before
  	turning to black. Info is most of the time off. However,
	the sound seems to be OK and does not switch between AC3
	and stereo (surround) according to the receiver.

	=> Info bar of the femon also behaves similarly - showing
	DD 5.1 info only briefly

#6 DVB driver + VDR: Data stream broken => Emergency exit
-Timeshifting or booting computer up to the channel where data stream 
has gotten broken
	=> Emergency exit without possibility to change the channel to
	working one. VDR also does not start automatically when using
	runvdr script.

Solution: if this happens then VDR should change the channel to 
something else (e.g. start from the first channel on the list and move 
forward until working one is found). Alternatively better solution would 
be not to mind about data stream broken problem and show static image 
(error image) and allow user to change the channel.

#7 Subtitles: Subtitle behaviour when pausing record playing
1. Replay a recording with subtitles
2. While subtitles are shown press pause
	=> Subtitles vanish from the screen after a while (the time how
	long they were supposed to be shown).

Solution: subtitles should stay forever when in pause mode i.e. time 
counting for subtitles should freeze the same way as time freezes for 
the recording.

#8 Subtitles: REW and FF
1. Replay a recording with subtitles
2. Fast forward or reverse replay
	=> subtitles are not shown properly according to the time
	position where the record playing is at. Only few times
	subtitles are shown (time matches) but the time they are shown
	is not counted faster like should when rewersing of fast
	forwarding (subtitles stay very long compared to actual
	happening on recording)

#9 VDR: Audio sync
1. Replay a recording
-if there are problems with the data stream the audio gets out of sync 
and stays out of sync

Cure: during replay jump by 1 min to forward and backwards and audio 
gets synced.

Solution: monitor audio sync during replay and correct when needed

#10 VDR: Replay stops and TV channel changes
-occasionally at the beginning of the replaying of a recording VDR stops 
replaying and changes to first channel of the channel list (despite what 
channels was being viewed before replaying)

VDR seems to work OK otherwise.

#11 VDR: Frozen broadcast
-recording a movie from encrypted channel
	=> the video froze but sound was coming through properly as well
	as teletext subs.

This has happened only once so far (no errors at log).

#12 VDR: Replay stops with blank screen
1. Viewing encrypted channel
2. Started replaying a recording
	=> after few seconds replaying stops and nothing is shown at the
	screen (no sound either)

Cure: change of channel back and forth cured the blank screen (replay 
also worked fine till the end of movie).

Couple of suggestions for future VDR packages:

#1 Split runvdr to two files: one for kernel series 2.4 and one for 2.6. 
Current runvdr needs to be modified before it is usable in 2.6.

#2 Separate config file or additions to Make.config for things that are 
configurable (e.g. MAXOSDMEMORY). Modifying of source code is not good 

Otherwise VDR with patches and plugins (and their patches) is working 
well. It's more stable than 1.3.22 was. There are also less broken data 
streams (could be cause of DVB driver update also) with the recordings.

Big thanks for all you developers out there - keep up the good work!

Br, Pasi

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