[vdr] Reducing clutter in channels.conf

Carsten Koch Carsten.Koch at icem.com
Sun Jul 17 14:49:38 CEST 2005

Lauri Tischler wrote:
> Two ways of doing this would be nice.
> 1) Menu selection for TVonly

Either that or just put the radio channels into their own group.

> 2) Using ca.conf file to define wanted channels,
>    only channels with defined caid are loaded, like:

I would prefer VDR to automatically add only channels that actually
broadcast viewable video and audible audio.
I have many channels in my channels.conf that claim to be FTA but
have no picture and no sound.
Also, people with a CAM usually have a subscription for certain
*channels*, not for certain caids, so they will even see more of
this type of clutter.

I'd actually be willing to zap though all 2836 entries in my channels.conf
and manually delete all channels that show nothing, if most of them would
not come back right away.

3) I only understand English and German.
    It would be nice if new channels that have a certain audio language
    would be put into a separate group.

Maybe the group header could be extended to specify match criteria
in addition to the group title?

For example:


: German TV.


: %ALANG=deu %AUDIO=yes %VIDEO=yes German TV.


: German Radio.


: %ALANG=deu %AUDIO=yes %VIDEO=no German Radio.


: Garbage (at least with the CAMs I have)


: %AUDIO=no %VIDEO=no Garbage (at least with the CAMs I have)

When adding a new channel, VDR would go though the group headers and add
the channel at the end of the first group that has any criteria and
matches all criteria. If no group has any criteria, the channel is added
at the end, as before.


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