[vdr] Re: Reducing clutter in channels.conf

Iwan Davies iwan.davies at translutions.co.uk
Sun Jul 17 23:18:36 CEST 2005

On Sun, 17 Jul 2005 14:50:14 +0300, Lauri Tischler wrote:

> Two ways of doing this would be nice.
> 1) Menu selection for TVonly
> 2) Using ca.conf file to define wanted channels,
>     only channels with defined caid are loaded, like:
> 0x0..0xFF	Free To Air
> # 0x100..0x1FF	Seca/Mediaguard
> # 0x900..0x9FF	NDS/Videoguard
> 0xB00..0xBFF	Conax
> # 0xD00..0xDFF	CryptoWorks
> # 0xE00..0xEFF	PowerVu
> # 0x1800..0x18FF	Nagravision
> With ca.conf file above only FTA and Conax channels would be
> updated/collected to channels.conf

Certainly I think it would be a good idea on systems without any decryption
devices to be able to elect to have a channels.conf that contains only FTA
channels. For example, those of us who use DVB-S to receive BBC from Astra
2 find our channels.conf totally cluttered with the Sky Channels which are
encrypted using NDS Videocrypt for which there is absolutely no means of
(legitimate) decryption without a Sky Digibox. I would like an option in
setup.conf AddNewChannels=OnlyFTA.

With regard to the perennial problem of garbage landing in channels.conf,
how about reworking the "add channels" functions so that instead of landing
directly in channels.conf new channels could first be sent to
"candidates.conf", from which the user could manually select which channels
to add permanently to channels.conf. A message could be displayed whenever
VDR starts to the effect that "X new channels available - press OK to

Are these options that Klaus would consider adding?

Iwan Davies

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