[vdr] VDR do not switch from transpoder to transpoder

andreyv andreyv at ece.ubc.ca
Tue Jul 19 02:41:16 CEST 2005


I am looking for a help. I found that VDR by some unknown to me reason
refuses to change frequency when I go to a channel on other transpoder.
Can somebody give an idea what could be wrong? Until I am on same
transpoder I am able watch channels but only I switch to other
transpoder I get black screen. I have to use szap to switch to channel
on other transpoder.

Linux: Mandrake 10
Kernel: 2.6.11-6mdk
Driver: configured in kernel
VDR: 1.3.27 (compiled from source files)
Plugins: remote rotor control channelscan (compiled from source files)
Satellites: 97.0W 123.0W (fta channels)
Country: Canada



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