[vdr] reading epg.data kills vdr-1.3.27

Harald Milz hm at seneca.muc.de
Wed Jul 20 08:41:53 CEST 2005

Harald Milz <hm at seneca.muc.de> wrote:
> skiller2k1 <skiller2k1 at gmx.net> wrote:

> > My epg.data is about 15MB, and VDR 1.3.27 works perfectly. Are you sure, 
> > that is the problem?

> Technically speaking, I can't be sure because I did not strace vdr. But

Forgot to add that if I remove epg.data or truncate it to zero before
starting vdr the problem goes reproducibly away, on 2 different machines.
Hence my question "is there a way to safely truncate epg.data to a certain
(safe) length". 

I'll try some measurements asap, i.e. which epg.data sizes make vdr crash


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