[vdr] set system time without root priviledges

castet.matthieu at free.fr castet.matthieu at free.fr
Wed Jul 20 09:17:39 CEST 2005

Selon Simon Baxter <linuxtv at nzbaxters.com>:

> I know this has been discussed in the past, but the threads have got
> confused with Time Warp and all sorts.
> How can I let VDR set system time off a transponder (with stime()???)
> without root priviledges?
I don't know.

I will use sudo and in vdr exec something like 'sudo date newdate'.

In my case I use a command from linux dvb-utils (dvb-date ???) that I run with
sudo and I launch it via vdr command menu. It works but it isn't automatic.


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