[vdr] vdr stopped in the night

tony tony at tgds.net
Thu Jul 21 08:19:27 CEST 2005

Le mercredi 20 juillet 2005 à 22:46 +0200, Harald Milz a écrit :

> > This is new behavior. It has never done this before.
> Sure, but since this happens _before_ vdr is started (if I got it right,

No, wrong. Stopping in the night has nothing to do with _before_
starting. Stopping is _after_ starting

> You may want to post your start script instead of keeping us in the 
> dark... 

It is called "runvdr" and is found in the same folder as vdr... =:-D Yes
mine is modified to include export LANG=fr_FR

I have traced the problem to epg.data. 


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