[vdr] Announce: son2srt subtitle converter

Niko Mikkila nm at phnet.fi
Fri Jul 22 20:28:09 CEST 2005


This is an announcement for a new DVB subtitle conversion tool.
You can get it from here:


son2srt is a Python script that converts SON (DVDMaestro) bitmap
subtitles to the text-based SRT format by calling the free GOCR program.
It can be used to process subtitle files generated with the Project X
DVB demuxing tool. With a good symbol database (an almost complete
one for finnish YLE DVB subtitles is included), the number of errors can
easily be under 10 for a two-hour movie. However, corrupted subtitle
images will cause problems.

The script is currently not suitable for DVD subtitle conversion because
subtitle fonts are not universal. Building a symbol database for each disc
would be a tedious job without a good GUI (and frustrating even then).
Luckily DVB broadcasters (or at least YLE in Finland) use only one font,
which son2srt can handle non-interactively with a complete symbol

Resulting SRT files can be used to subtitle transcoded VDR recordings.
The package includes a simple script to transcode recordings to
MPEG4 AVC + Ogg Vorbis + SRT in a Matroska container.


Niko Mikkilä

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