[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] UTF-8 patch 0.0.3b with Freetype2 for vdr-1.3.27

Alexander Riedel alexander-riedel at t-online.de
Sat Jul 23 00:53:01 CEST 2005

Hi All!

Sorry, i have been late with patch.
First, this is old patch updated to 1.3.27.
New patch is still in developing.

Probably many already faced a problem of simultaneous display of various
international letters in vdr.
For example it is impossible to use simultaneously both Russian and
German letters.

In setup.conf added some parameters for definition of fonts.
For example:

FontFix = courbd.ttf
FontFixSize = 16
FontOsd = arialbd.ttf
FontOsdSize = 16
FontSml = verdana.ttf
FontSmlSize = 12

By default fonts are
as FontOsd arialbd.ttf size 16,
FontSml arial.ttf size 12
und FontFix courbd.ttf size 15

These files at least for the first start should lay in config directories.

For each channel in channels.conf it is possible to establish the
character coding, the field is added in the end every line.
For example:


By default is ISO8859-15.
Possible variants are listed in: iconv --list

EPG data at reception are converted in UTF-8. So on a disk all (again
created) files and descriptions will be already in UTF-8. I recommend
to remove a file epg.data that data were already normally filled in
You should also convert names of channels in channels.conf in UTF-8.

Pleasant viewings!!!

o   You can use fixed size fonts. All freetype2 supported fonts.
o   Small bug fixes.
o   version with enAIO patch is also providet.
o   some cosmetic changes
o   update to 1.3.27

Alexander Riedel

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