[vdr] NTPL

Kenneth Aafløy kenneth at linuxtv.org
Sat Jul 23 00:33:36 CEST 2005


fredag 22. juli 2005, 23:36, skrev Harald Milz:
> since I'm running kernel (SL92 w/ early release SL93
> kernel) on my vdr server, I'd like to understand more of the differences
> between 26 and 27. 26 requires NPTL to be unset. 27's SVDRP freezes
> constantly so that vdradmin is unusable (so - it was not streamdev-server
> as it seems).
> Anything else?  Just curious.

I'm wondering, what is really causing all this noice about ntpl on
this mailing-list.

- What distros are shipping ntpl?
- What does ntpl do to the standard posix threading model?


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