[vdr] VDR-1.3.27: updated cVideoRepacker

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Sat Jul 23 13:45:13 CEST 2005


Philippe Gramoullé wrote:

> I'd like to help you with this, can you just tell me :
>  - a quick reminder of why this needs to be changed, and 

VDR's index file for recordings has byte granularity but adresses 
complete PES packets. When VDR needs to send an I frame to a device (e. 
g. for fast forward or editing cutting marks) it seeks to the index of 
the I frame and reads the data up to the next B frame, i. e. it stops 
just before the PES packet which contains the start of the B frame. But 
it is likely that this packet also contains the tail of the I frame 
before the B frame starts. So VDR will read to few data which results in 
an incomplete I frame. The result is that xine doesn't show incomplete 
frames, i. e. moving a cutting mark results in no screen update. A FF 
card might have shown some garbage or blackness in the last few lines of 
the image.

cVideoRepacker resolves this issue by ensuring to start a new PES packet 
when a new frame starts.

>  - will it break something to my old (and very old) recording, will i still be able to edit them ?

It will not break any old recordings. For old recordings, you still have 
to apply a (soon to be updated) patch, that resolves the short I frames 
issue in a different way. The patch is not necessary for new recordings 
but it won't hurt either.

>  - as i don't use the Xine plugin, do i only need the vdr-1.3.27-remux-repacker.patch ?

As I expect VDR-1.3.28 to contain both patches, I'd like you to test 
both, too. As at least most DVD still images contain a sequence end 
code, I'd expect a FF card to handle it correctly, too.

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