[vdr] [Announce] PremiereEpg plugin

Karsten Müller kmu at ratio.de
Sun Jul 24 15:41:24 CEST 2005


seems like I've been a bit too enthusiastic...:

make[1]: Entering directory 
g++ -g -O2 -Wall -Woverloaded-virtual -c -D_GNU_SOURCE 
-DPLUGIN_NAME_I18N='"premiereepg"' -I../../../include 
-I../../../../DVB/include premiereepg.c

premiereepg.c: In member function `virtual void
    cFilterPremiereEpg::Process(short unsigned int, unsigned char, const
    u_char*, int)':
premiereepg.c:389: error: no matching function for call to `cEvent::cEvent(
    tChannelID&, u_int16_t&)'
../../../include/vdr/epg.h:49: error: candidates are: cEvent::cEvent(const
../../../include/vdr/epg.h:66: error:                 cEvent::cEvent(short
    unsigned int)
make[1]: *** [premiereepg.o] Fehler 1

whats wrong here ?


Stefan Huelswitt wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to announce a new plugin. The PremiereEpg parses the
> extended EPG data on Premieres option channels.
> The plugin is based on the commandline tool premiereepg2vdr
> written by Axel Katzur software at katzur.de.
> <http://www.muempf.de/vdr-premiereepg-0.0.1.tgz>
> Regards.

with best regards
Karsten Mueller
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