[vdr] Improving the power management in VDR

Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at hut.fi
Mon Jul 25 13:28:08 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I'm a happy user of vdr 1.3.27, subtitles-0.3.8, softdevice-cvs and

The hardware consists of a 900 MHz Celeron, a Matrox G450 video card
on DirectFB 0.9.22, a Hauppauge Nova-T PCI 90002 tuner and a
wake-on-remote module I just finished:

As the computer is a dedicated VDR box, it is powered on only when it is
recording or playing something.

I have one bug report and one feature request regarding power management
in VDR.

First, the bug report: If I press the Power key while playing back a
recording, nothing happens (except any OSD menu will be hidden).

Then, some background for the feature request: The softdevice plugin has a
"suspended" flag.  With a small patch, I have connected this flag to a
remote control key and a solid-state relay that drives the monitor.  Thus,
I can power on and off the monitor from the remote control.  Due to some
modifications mentioned on my wake-on-remote page, the "suspended" flag
will be initially set unless the computer was powered on by the remote
control.  So, the monitor will remain off when a timed recording
happens or someone starts up the computer by a WoL packet for remote

It would be very nice if VDR knew when the output is suspended.  For
instance, if the user turns the monitor off by remote while VDR is
recording something, VDR will know to shut down after it has completed
the recording.  Now we will have to explicitly come back to the
computer to power it off if we touched the remote control while VDR
was recording something.

So, the feature request: Please introduce a "suspended" flag and a kSleep
key to VDR, in the spirit of the EU Stand-by Initiative

With best regards,

	Marko Mäkelä

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