[vdr] VDR on mini-itx

tony tony at tgds.net
Mon Jul 25 20:18:23 CEST 2005

Le lundi 25 juillet 2005 à 15:37 +0200, Pim Zandbergen a écrit :
> Let's not exaggerate.

My favorite machine is Celeron powered

> The DFI G5M100-N is under € 250
> A Celeron M 1.3 GHz is under € 100
> You don't need a Pentium M for VDR, the Celeron M is quite a powerful CPU,
> probably more powerful than any VIA Epia CPU.

And will it play HDTV streams at 1.3 Ghz? Without hw acceleration my VIA
M10000 is used at 60-80% on live TV or DVD playback. OK it is not a
Celeron but I have seen Celeron M usage figures for mpeg2 playback over
50% CPU. What happens when you have other processus running (vdradmin
and epg scan springs to mind)?

When you max out a M10000 it gets hot. I would not want a machine using
over 50% CPU on a regular basis in a cabinet under my TV... VIA may be
what it is but one thing going for them is HW mpeg2 acceleration.



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