[vdr] [PATCH] fix segfault in cSkins::Message

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Tue Jul 26 14:29:34 CEST 2005

Stefan Lucke wrote:
> On Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2005 17:43, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>Wolfgang Rohdewald wrote:
>>>On Donnerstag 30 Juni 2005 16:53, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>>>IIRC we already had this discussion some time ago.
>>>>The point is that you're not supposed to call any of the skin
>>>>functions from a thread. These functions are only supposed to be called
>>>>by VDR itself.
>>>how else can a plugin display a message or ask a question? since 
>>>cInterface::Confirm() also calls Skins.Message(), I suppose Confirm()
>>>is also illegal for plugins?
>>>this is how muggle has always been doing this:
>>>#if VDRVERSNUM >= 10307
>>>        Skins.Message (mtInfo, buffer,duration);
>>>        Skins.Flush ();
>>>        Interface->Status (buffer);
>>>        Interface->Flush ();
>>>    if (!Interface->Confirm(tr("Import items?")))
>>>            return false;
>>Sorry, I was a little too vague here.
>>What I meant to say was that these functions shall only be called
>>from the _foreground_ thread (the one that VDR's main loop runs in).
> Is there another way for a plugin to display a message during
> background processing ? 
> Preferably a _non_ blocking way,as I noticed that Skins.Message()
> does it's job blocking.

Is there a solution for this problem?
I now also need to notify the user of a background event, and the 
Housekeeping method (a possible candidate since it's called from the 
foreground thread) isn't suitable, since it's called only once every 60 

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