[vdr] Problem with streamdev-cvs and subtitles - workaround

Niko Mikkila nm at phnet.fi
Thu Jul 28 23:48:08 CEST 2005

On Thu, 28 Jul 2005 21:59:27 +0300
Anssi Hannula <anssi.hannula at gmail.com> wrote:

> Well, the problem indeed is in the order of OpenDvr, Set/Add/DelPid, and 
> SetChannelDevice. When using subtitles plugin those differ. Also, if I 
> tried to insert additional CloseDvr(); OpenDvr(); into those other 
> functions, so that it would be executed as the last command, the server 
> segfaults with a crapped backtrace.
> Cut from the backtrace:
> #2336 0x66a58f41 in ?? ()
> #2337 0x354ba17e in ?? ()
> #2338 0xe224fb44 in ?? ()
> #2339 0xe19edc01 in ?? ()
> #2340 0x05fd481f in ?? ()
> #2341 0x714c71af in ?? ()

Maybe you haven't compiled everything with debugging symbols? Each plugin
has its own Makefile, right.

Nice to see that you're getting this fixed. I can confirm that I've had the same problem
for a few months, but never got around to find out what was going on.
I'm on vacation next week, so maybe I could help you then if there are still


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