UPT errors on DVB-T (Re: [vdr] VDR Stability)

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adrian.challinor at osiris.co.uk(Adrian P Challinor)  01.06.05 07:45

>>For example:

>>May 30 23:07:45 vdr vdr[8991]: ERROR: unknown picture type '5'
>>May 30 23:07:46 vdr vdr[8991]: ERROR: unknown picture type '4'

>UPT errors (unknown picture type) might be caused by a bad antenna too.
>But you said, the live stream on the FF is OK...

>Femon is saying I am only getting 22-23% signal strength. 
>That could be a problem.

I assume that is the problem.

Go the next TV store and by a TV antenna amplifier. (approx. 8 euro)

It's known thet DVB-T cards and setop box needs very different
receive levels-
One may work with a two device spltter other not.

You know you need "T" or "Y"  to splitt the signal to your
2 cards and that each "T" have a -physicall required- damping
of 3 resp. 6db: Energy coming from the antenna, say 50uW, 
is distributed equally between the two devices!
Given 25uW for each, a further splitter for the third device
and you will have only 12uW (minus the losts in the splitter them selves) 
It's not like connection 3 Device to 230V!

For example at reichelt.de i found
Axing TVS 8-01 TV distribution amplifier   16.90 Euro
(Might be sufficent for 2 devices with splitter)
Or, most effective:
Axing TVS 16-00 6-way distribution amplifier  50.70 Euro

(16 Euro is for such a simple amplifier not really cheap)

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