[vdr] Re: [Announce] LNB-sharing patch for VDR 1.3.25

Suur Karu suurkaru at fastmail.fm
Thu Jun 2 15:48:14 CEST 2005

Rainer Zocholl wrote:
> Thanks a lot, but sorry to say:
> I can't switch anymore to DVB-T now.
> I got "channel not available", and the screen becomes black.
> How to narrow that problem?
> Setting all "LNBs" to 1 does not help.
> Another side effect:
> No timers are started, but i don't see ANY hint in the logfile
> about "locked channels" or "missed recording" or "locked Channels" ! Why?
> "Manually" recording isn't possible too.

Same here:
"No free DVB device to record" message when try to record.

vdr-1.3.25 + LNB sharing patch, Nexus-2.1 and Skystar2


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