[vdr] vdrsync creates empty ac3-File - change in recording format?

Dirk dirk-mailinglisten at wor.net
Fri Jun 3 06:14:42 CEST 2005

Hello together,

I just upgraded to vdr 1.3.25. When I try to create MPG-Files
from VDR-recordings with AC3-sound, vdrsync only creates an empty
ac3-file - the .mpa and .mpv-files are ok. ac3-sound is correctly
contained in the recording: vdr plays the file and "dolby digital"
is selectable.

I had the same problem after upgrading to 1.3.19. The solution was,
that the recording format hat changed in this VDR version.
Peter (the vdrsync-developer) then kindly provided a new vdrsync
version and everything was ok until the 1.3.25 update.

Maybe we have the same problem today?

Thank you,


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