[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-pvrinput-0.0.1

Jose Alberto Reguero jareguero at telefonica.net
Fri Jun 3 11:47:42 CEST 2005

El Martes, 31 de Mayo de 2005 22:20, Andreas Regel escribió:
> Hello,
> here is a first release of the pvrinput plugin for VDR. It uses a
> Hauppauge PVR card (supported by ivtv drivers) as an input device for
> VDR. I am using it with driver version 0.2.0rc3j and encoder firmware
> 2.04.211.
> I have written this plugin because I was a bit unhappy about some things
> with analogtv. Motivated by a mail from Lars Altenhain on this list I
> tried an approach a bit different from the analogtv plugin. The reading
> of the PES data an the conversion to TS is done in a thread in the
> background without interrupting it on channel switch. The packets are
> then read out and delivered to VDR in the GetTSPacket function.
> Additionally the plugin reads the teletext data from the vbi device
> (/dev/vbi0 is hardcoded at the moment) and converts it to TS packets
> that the osdteletext plugin is able to receive. Sometimes one or two
> lines are wrong but its working quite good here.
> Compared to the analogtv plugin the following is better here with my
> configuration (Hauppauge PVR 250, Kernel 2.6, ivtv 0.2.0rc3j):
> - Faster channel switching
> - no video flickerung after channel switch
> - just minimal stuttering in sound after channel switch
> - and of course teletext support
> Expect problems to get it running in your environment, especially
> regardings device configuration :).
> You can find it here:
> http://home.arcor.de/andreas.regel/files/vdr-pvrinput-0.0.1.tgz
> Andreas
It works fine.
I make a patch to append radio support.
Perhaps you could integrate better way.
For radio channels video pid = 0 in channels.conf
The patch in ivtv.h is for amd64 vbi support.
Jose Alberto
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