[vdr] Problem with Master Timer's summary.conf

Matthias Schniedermeyer ms at citd.de
Fri Jun 3 16:38:34 CEST 2005

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Matthias Schniedermeyer wrote:
>> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>> Maybe Master Timer should have written its summary.conf the way VDR 
>>> did ;-)
>> I've "invented" that format  >4 years ago and as i NEVER ever 
>> programmed a Timer via VDR since this >4 years, i can't even remember 
>> what format VDR uses. :-)
>> I guess i should take the time to invent a new format that is 
>> compatible with both "old" (1.2.0 - 1.3.24) and "new" (1.3.25 - <x>) VDR.
>> Btw. Could you/someone provide a few examples of VDR-created timers & 
>> info.vdr-files (best including the snipped from epg.data) from 1.3.25?
> The old summary.vdr files were written as
> ---------------------------
> Title
> ShortText
> Description
> ---------------------------
> where Title and ShortText were single lines, and Description
> could be several lines. Both ShortText and Description were optional.
> The new info.vdr format is described in vdr.5 and looks like this:
> ---------------------------
> C S19.2E-1-1079-28007
> T nano
> S Die Welt von morgen
> D U.a. mit folgenden Themen: Verbrennen statt verkippen Neues Gesetz für 
> den Restmüll Spritze gegen Schuppenflechte Neuer Wirkstoff blockiert das 
> Immunsystem Formel für den Frühling Die Mathematik des Pflanzenwachstums 
> Deutschland, 2005
> X 2 01 deu Mono
> X 2 01 deu mono/2-Kanal
> X 1 01 deu 4:3
> ---------------------------

(Forword: "Description" is optional in Master-Timer, personally i don't like them in my timers, so i don't have them)

So for the timer-(summary/info)-field it should be enough to replace the "||" Between the ID & Title with a " ", resulting in

ID: "904527872"||Title: "Alias - Die Agentin"||Subtitle: "Erpressung"

ID: "904527872" Title: "Alias - Die Agentin"||Subtitle: "Erpressung"

But maybe i should change to a more "Eyefriendly" and shorter format.
What do you think of this?
Alias - Die Agentin (MT-ID:904527872)||Erpressung
optionally appending: ||<Description>

That would match the VDR-Format and be much less intrusive (only difference to VDR-format beeing the "(MT-ID:<id>)"-string) than the current format. :-)

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