[vdr] Single Timers deleted, why?

Rainer Zocholl UseNet-Posting-Nospam-74308- at zocki.toppoint.de
Sat Jun 4 15:09:00 CEST 2005

[vdr] VDR developer version 1.3.23 ff.
|- The day of a timer is now stored as a full date in ISO notation 
|  ("YYYY-MM-DD") in  'timers.conf' and for the result of the 
|  SVDRP command LSTT (based in parts on a patch by Roman Krenicky).
|- Single shot timers are now reliably deleted when they have expired.

I really thought it was a feature that "single shot timers" 
became not deleted.

(IMHO) it is no good idea that "single timers"
are now deleted (immediately?) after done generally.
- Sometimes i missed a regular timer (because of work at VDR?) or the 
  recording was broken or only partial due to delays, so it was nice 
  just to pickup the last "once" timer and reactivate it. 
- There is the problem that the EPG is not going backwards 
  very much(while it would be no problem to hold 4 weeks or the whole day
  backbards only max.2h are possible meanwhile.), so no "timer base" 
  could be used if i found a "single shot timer event" being worth 
  to become a regular timer.
- It might happen that the timer again fails...so i need to 
  scan again the schedules to find a timer base. (I know that there are
  some tools that might help(vdradmin,matsertimer?), *if* EPG or an 
  internet acces exists).
- The user can delete those few timers on his own.
  (a "multiple select" would be nice (for channel editing too).)
- If there is no EPG at all, setting up a timer from scatch is nasty.

Maybe the user should get the chance to generally say:
"delete single timer when done automatically" or 
"let the user delete it manually".

Or is there now a way to generate a timer (base) from recording summary?
That would be more elegant than editing the timer entry.
(But would not help much if the single shot timer failed...)


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