[vdr] Bug/patch in transfer.c, 1.3.25

C.Y.M syphyr at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 16:36:47 CEST 2005

Wolfgang Rohdewald wrote:
> On Sonntag 05 Juni 2005 21:25, C.Y.M wrote:
>>Maybe you want to give the latest revision of the firmware a try:
> I am already using that one. It makes no difference to 261d regarding
> the errors. However when changing channels the tone comes much faster.

OK, just as long as you updated the firmware from within a few weeks ago then
you should have the new one.  The version inside the "new" firmware did not
change from 26d (so it may be a little confusing from just looking at it).

>>The recommended change to transfer.c for the new firmware is attached.
> The net result seems to be the same for me: use 288k instead of 576.
> I don't have the 4MB extension. So this cannot help.

If you notice that patch I sent in the previous mail, it undefines
"FW_NEEDS_BUFFER_RESERVE_FOR_AC3", so, the line you are changing would not even
be used.  It seems that the "new" version of 26d does not need preset buffer


   bool GotBufferReserve = false;
-  int RequiredBufferReserve = KILOBYTE(DvbCardWith4MBofSDRAM ? 288 : 576);
+  int RequiredBufferReserve = KILOBYTE(DvbCardWith4MBofSDRAM ? 576 : 288);


> But I could get rid of the error messages by inserting an msleep(30)
> somewhere in the driver (2.6.12-rc5 unmodified). They still happen but
> much more seldom. See my post on the linux-dvb mailing list.
> with latest CVS of dvb-kernel would be my recommendation.


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