[vdr] Dead lock in VDR/EPG scan

Rainer Zocholl UseNet-Posting-Nospam-74308- at zocki.toppoint.de
Mon Jun 6 20:05:00 CEST 2005

Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de(Klaus Schmidinger)  06.06.05 18:20

>Rainer Zocholl wrote:
>> Hello
>> Yesterday i set EGP timeout to 1 in the hope the LNBsharing
>> patch will prevent the usual deadlocks. It does not
>> need to do anything.
>> It happens too that the box ran that hour without any recordings
>> instead of being powered off as usual, so EPG scan could really
>> start. (Hm, why 1h as minimum?)

>On a single card system 

I have more than one card ;-)
But somewhere i read the EPG infos are mostly changed only 
between 2:00 and 3:00.

>it doesn't really make much sense to have shorter times 
>- after all, you wouldn't even be able to watch a full length movie.

Ah, i see.
I thought EPG scan would only occur after a lengthly "idle" time
and "politely" switch away the channels when no user is present. 
(If i am already sleeping it would be a feature if VDR would wake 
me up by switching the channel. ;-))

>Besides, if you want to start an EPG scan you can 
>select "Scan" from the Setup/EPG menu at any time.

I would not expect such a function under "Setup", more under "Commands"-
but anyway:
Under "Setup/EPG": I have only a line named 
"EPG scan timeout(h):   0"
"EPG bugfis level: 2
"EPG linger time(min): 90"
"Set Systemtime: yes"
"Use time...
But no "EPG scan now!"
(because i have more than one card?)

>> As you may se below,
>> "Starting EPG scan" starts at channel 0 (zero? What is channel 0?),

>This may be a dummy channel that's used to tune to a new transponder.
>It doesn't have a number.

Ok, it makes no trouble. just interessting to know.thanks.

>> switches to channel 1, that's Ok...
>> got new transponders/programs, that's OK. (so many new to day?)
>> then VDR switches to channel 279!
>> Why 279 and not 2? What's that?
>> The next timer event would be a timer to record channel 27 at 10:52
>> but the switch attempt occurs at 10:42:18
>> and obviuosly leads VDR into a deep endless loop.
>> channel 279 is
>> OLD GOLD;PREMIERE:11720:hC34:S19.2E:27500:0:336=deu:0:1801,1722,1702
>> :167:133:3:0
>> Never ever tuned to 279 (encrypted) channel, no timer except
>> the one in approx 10 minutes at channel 27 ( an ASCII buffer Bug?
>> *27*9?)

>Well, since there is a patch involved that may well interfere with all
>this I'd say you should test without that patch first and see if it
>happens there, too.

I can't test it because the box is normally turned off.
An i don't understand why the EPG scan switches to channel 279 
and not to channel 3.

Too i really don't think that the patch could cause that loop.
The message was not "locked by LNB", as no recording was running,
but simply "Channel not available" because is needs a CA.

>> msi:~# kill 8593
>> a kill -9 was required...
>> vdr 1.3.25 only patch LNBsharing.

>Does the problem also occur _without_ that patch (plain vanilla VDR)?

That patch existential for my box.
With out it EPG scan would switch to a not allowed 
polarization, given "video stream broken" panic bye bye.

I never had the problem before (but
a) the box never idles so long 
b) EPG was of because of history reasons

Maybe we should first ask, why it is switching to channel 279?
Why does EPG do not react to the error code but insists on
switching to 279?
I assume no one was at home and press 279 on the Rc.
And if, it should not lead to a loop (and does not

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