[vdr] vdr and YUV output

Burkhardt Petermann bpetermann at xyware.de
Tue Jun 7 13:08:15 CEST 2005

> > - most important, my amp (Yamaha AX1) is capable of switching YUV input 
> > signals (and add his OSD to it), but can't do RGB
no, the AX1 don't have a OSD via YUV (only with FBAS und Y/C). 
> That's *the* real reason... if you have more than one YUV device (VDR + 
> something else) *or* you really need the OSD from the amp.
> My amp only switch S-Video, and does not add OSD, and it would not be a 
> problem for me to directly connect the VGA output from the VDR to the 
> display device, since the VDR is in fact the only valuable video device 
> (VCR does not count as "valuable" : composite only, mono audio, etc.).
> > So the highest achievable quality for me is YUV
> I googled for YUV + Matrox + DirectFB, but can't find anything else than 
> overlay specifications : nothing about output signal type.
I'll think that Ati is the better choice, if you want YUV ...

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